Book of Tea Theiere 2022

Book of Tea Theiere 2022

Product Code: 22002316

The Book of Tea Theiere 2022 is a very limited special release & a sophisticated new addition to our gift selection. The 16th edition in our long running unique series, this distinctive functional design book-like gift box is filled with an exquisite variety of 30 different kinds of tea bags, not to mention the included bonus gift items (read on below!)

Inside the beautifully designed book-like box, you'll discover a hand curated selection of 30 separately packaged tea bags, featuring many of our most popular and well-loved teas from our black, green, oolong, flavoured and herbal range.

You'll also be fortunate to find the two following rare teas, not otherwise available in Australia:

Ratatam and Ryukyu Tropical.

The Book of Tea Theiere features a classical, luxurious and traditional tea-themed cover image that warmly invites you to open the "book" and "read" our colourful selection of teas!

In fact, thanks to the 36 page included original booklet (see above), you *can* actually read all about each individual tea and appreciate each even more!

Each individually sealed tea bag sachet features a beautifully designed unique tea-ware themed image, with more information on each included in the booklet.


Also included inside the "book" is a lovely and very unique tea cup and small plate/saucer, sure to surprise and delight, especially when opening the book for the first time!

The cup features floral patterns such as tulips as typically found in Turkish pottery.

Cup size: 6cm width x 7cm height
Capacity: Approximately 90 ml (when full)

The small plate/saucer is made from Italian/Sicilian Maiolica pottery and features traditional colourful patterns typical of this style.

Plate size: Approximately 8.5cm in diameter

Complete contents

5000 Darjeeling The First Flush
5030 Keemun Queen's Hope
5031 Puer Tea
5101 Afternoon Tea
5110 La Belle Epoque
5127 Union Jack
5128 Ratatam
5201 Earl Grey
5210 Apricot
5261 Apple Tea
5502 Neptune
5533 Cassis & Blueberry
5589 Framboise Chocolat
5617 Rose Royal
5624 Ryukyu Tropical
5655 Honey Lemonade
5668 Yume
5851 Chai Bag Cardamom
7005 Golden Osmanthus
7225 Four Seasons Ming Jian
7435 Houjicha Shigaraki
8031 Sencha Omaesama
8201 Jasmin Mandarin SG
8231 Momo Oolong
8527 Sheherazad
8562 Kotobuki
8834 Matcha Black Soy Bean
9200 La Vie En Rose
9202 Piccolo
9510 Balan C

Tea cup and small plate/saucer set (see detailed description above).

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