The Book of Tea Merci Mille Fois 2022

The Book of Tea Merci Mille Fois 2022

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The Book of Tea Merci Mille Fois is a super limited edition special release for the New Year and a sophisticated addition to our gift selection. "Merci Mille Fois" is French for "Thank You Very Much" which represents the theme of this year's Book as you will discover below.

Inside the beautifully designed "book"-like box, you'll find 50 individually packed tea bags, featuring 40 of our most popular and well-loved teas from our black, green, oolong and herbal range, as well as 10 very rare teas, not available in Australia (see below).

Also included is a stylish booklet which serves as your tour guide, spanning 50 countries around the world, each country representing a different tea.

Each tea bag sachet is complemented by a beautifully designed image of something unique and special to each of the 50 world countries, together with the word "thank you" in each country's respective language.

Inside the box you'll also find a beautiful small metal tray featuring a flower bouquet engraved onto the surface.

Note: Key is shown for display purposes only.

As well as 40 of our most beloved and classic teas, The Book of Tea Merci Mille Fois also features the following 10 rare teas not available in Australia: Ryukyu Tropical, Blueberry, Sri Lanka, Kilimanjaro, Alphonso Mango, Grenada, Caramele, Hokkaido Royal Milk Tea, Hua Ki and Framboise Chocolat.

Complete contents:

5648 Merci Mille Fois
4300 Diksam FTGFOP1
4400 Nilgiri BOP
5000 Darjeeling The First Flush
5001 Darjeeling The Second Flush
5010 Assam Calcutta Auction
5023 Sri Lanka
5030 Keemun Queen's Hope
5031 Puer Tea
5040 Kilimanjaro
5101 Afternoon Tea
5127 Union Jack
5201 Earl Grey
5210 Apricot
5211 Cinnamon
5217 Vanilla
5218 Muscat
5221 Blueberry
5243 Alphonso Mango
5261 Apple Tea
5502 Neptune
5509 Grenada
5519 Caramele
5533 Cassis & Blueberry
5589 Framboise Chocolat
5612 Hua Ki
5615 White Sangria
5617 Rose Royal
5621 Hokkaido Royal Milk Tea
5624 Ryukyu Tropical
5668 Yume
5803 Rosehip Tea
7006 Tikuanyin
7401 Sencha Chiran
7434 Sencha Uji
8201 Jasmin Mandarin Special Grade
8223 Grapefruit Green
8225 Tsugaru Green
8231 Momo Oolong
8284 Momo Vert
8503 Paradise Green
8506 Tokio
8508 Happiness
8834 Matcha Black Soybean Rice Tea
9200 La Vie en Rose
9202 Piccolo
9500 Kikeriki
9504 Ginger & Lemon Myrtle
9506 Elderflower & Chamomile
9514 Masculin

Engraved metal tray with flower bouquet design

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