Hiraki Special Label Tin 2022

Hiraki Special Label Tin 2022

Product Code: 5658-SLT

A very special tea from Japan that is steeped in New Years tradition. Read on for more!

Hiraki takes its name from the phrase "Kagami Hiraki" which translates to "Opening Luck" and is a tradition followed by many Japanese every New Year.

Wishes, prayers and certain traditional items (many of which are red or white in colour) are offered. Each participant wishes that the New Year will "open with luck", flowering brightly with good fortune, good health and happiness for oneself and one's family.

Hiraki, the tea, is an elegant black tea layered and infused with the the flavour and fragrance of plums and other harmonious fruits, combined with colourful and tasty red "arare" and white popped rice.

In traditional Japan, rice is deeply respected and highly valued as a daily staple. Arare (which is actually made from rice but naturally coloured red) is a unique traditional Japanese treat. Popped rice (or roasted rice) - which tastes a bit like popcorn - is commonly used in foods especially traditional sweets and also in many teas including Kirara Rice Green Tea and Matcha Kirara Green Tea both available here at LUPICIA online!

As you enjoy a cup or mug of Hiraki in the early New Year (or perhaps during Chinese New Year) you may find yourself becoming more aware of this wonderful tea and the tradition behind it. Savour the taste, observe and appreciate the symbolic red and white colours, and delight in the naturally sweet flavour and lovely fragrance of the plums.

As the tea helps you to relax and clear your mind, you just might feel inspired to make your very own Kagami Hiraki inspired wish - a wish full of hope for a bright, happy and fortunate New Year to flower within you and your family's life!

We wish you the very best of luck and sincerely hope that your wish comes true and flowers suddenly, vividly and brightly, just like the blossoms on a plum tree!

50 grams of loose leaf tea, packaged in a uniquely designed, limited edition silver tin.

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