Seeyok Second Flush FTGFOP1

Seeyok Second Flush FTGFOP1

Product Code: 1302

Seeyok, one of the pioneers in organic and fair trade farming in India has produced excellent teas for many years. A vibrant second flush Darjeeling tea with a lovely fruity taste complemented by pronounced muscatel* notes.

A multi-layered rich tasting tea with a crisp finish.

One of the highest quality second flush Darjeelings of the new harvest.

* for those curious about muscatel, it is a very unique flavour/aroma that is elusive when it comes to its description. Certainly there is a fruitiness, but also a muskiness and some might even say a touch of spiciness. Though difficult to describe, it is a quality of many Darjeeling teas, highly prized by connoisseurs.
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