Favourite Oolong Tea Bag Set (7006,8231)

Favourite Oolong Tea Bag Set (7006,8231)

Product Code: FOTBS

Tea Bag Gift set featuring the Chinese classic Oolong, Tikuanyin, together with our finest grade Momo Oolong (Japan/Taiwan).

Tikuanyin: The most popular oolong tea in China, produced in the south Fujian province. With tightly twisted deep green leaves and an intense sweet aroma, this tea is characterised by a full-bodied, yet refreshing flavour.

Momo Oolomg The sweetness of Japanese white peach, with its fresh and subtle flavour, is justly matched with a superior grade Taiwanese Oolong. An aromatic and refreshing blend that is extremely soft on the palate

10 premium tea bags each of Tikuanyin and Momo Oolong.

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