New Years Limited Edition Tea Bag Gift Set

New Years Limited Edition Tea Bag Gift Set

Product Code: NYTBS

Deluxe New Years tea bag gift set featuring Sun Rises and Embrace Chances in special label exclusive gold tins, packaged in a gift box.

Sun Rises

Sun Rises is a premium green tea from Kagoshima prefecture in Japan that features vibrant blue cornflowers perfectly matched with fragrant and zesty orange peel.

With their fresh and energizing citrus aroma, these tea bags help awaken you with positive energy just like a bright morning sunrise.

Embrace Chances

These uniquely special tea bags celebrate our hope for a brighter future in the New Year. Be inspired by the "pioneer spirit" of the tiger and choose to challenge every chance that presents itself. See each one as an opportuny to embrace and transform in a positive direction.

Premium flavoured Earl Grey tea bags featuring aromatic bergamot auspiciously matched with fragrant peach.

Make the most of every moment in the New Year with these exciting limited edition tea bags.

2 X limited edition, special label gold tins, containing 10 premium silken pyramid tea bags in each. Packaged together in a quality gift box.

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