Porcelain Gaiwan Pink

Porcelain Gaiwan Pink

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This Chinese style tea pot/cup consists of three pieces: a cup, lid and saucer. The gaiwan is considered by many tea connoisseurs to be the preferred method for brewing teas with delicate flavours and aromas, such as green tea and white tea.

It is also especially popular for the preparation of oolong infusions because of this particular tea's ability to be infused multiple times.

The lid allows the tea to be infused right in the cup, which can then be drunk straight out of it (traditionally using the lid to block the leaves for ease of consumption), or poured into another cup.

With its simple design, it can be used for formal and informal events. The saucer can also hold delicacies such as sweets, while the gaiwan cup can also function as a bowl for mousse or aperitifs.

Colour/Style: Pink with unique design.

Available in three other colours and designs.
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