Green Tea

Lupicia brings you the best selections of freshly picked Japanese Green Tea as well as the highest quality Green Tea & Oolong Tea from China and Taiwan.

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Japanese teas grown throughout Japan except norther Tohoku and Hokkaido districts. Tea drinking came to Japan from China with the Japanese envoy to Tang Dynasty in Nara-Heian era, though some claims older origins. Roots of present tea plantations trace back to 12th century priest, Eisai, who planted tea bushes brought back from China in Saga. Their offspring spread to Kyoto, Nara, Wakayama, Shizuoka, Saitama etc. From Meiji to Showa era tea and silk thread played an important role in export to help Japan modernize and build a sound economy.

Japanese tea species and its best seasons

There are many Japanese Green Tea species in the world of tea although "Yabukita" is by far the present major species, we can also enjoy the species which take root in areas such as "Yutakamidori" or "Fujikaori". An interesting note is that during the spring season, the tea front" gradually moves up north from Okinawa.

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The origin of every tea culture is China. As Luk Yu wrote in his "Chaijing" opening; "Tea is a useful plant from the south", the home of the tea plant is considered to be southern Yunnan Province. It was first used as edible wild plant and evolved into the present form through solid and powdered tea.

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Original Blend, Flavoured & Herbal Teas

In order to deliver our high-quality tea at its very best, we have very carefully selected the tea leaves from different tea-producing regions and blended them. Enjoy as daily tea at your leisure.

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Green Flavoured Tea

Chinese traditional flower flavoured tea with a focus on Jasmine. Freshly scented flavoured tea produced with Oolong or Japanese Green Tea base. Enjoy the variety of flavoured green tea which Lupicia offers for your tea life.

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Green Herbal Tea

Based on the Oriental concept that "the essence of curing illness and taking meals is exactly the same purpose of maintaining body and health", herbs or grains are blended with Green Tea or Houjicha (Roasted Green Tea).

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